2017 Paramedic Protocol Update


The Westchester Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC) is pleased to announce the rollout of updates to the New York State EMS Collaborative Protocols used as the Westchester Region’s ALS protocols. These updates, approved by the REMAC and State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee reflect: improvements in prehospital medicine; changes in the NYS standard of care; and consideration of provider input.

The REMAC has designated March to be a soft-transition month.  Paramedics that have completed the update requirements may practice under the new version of the protocols as appropriate.  April 15th 2017 is the hard-deadline.  Paramedics that have not completed the update requirements by April 15th 2017
will be automatically taken off-line and not allowed to practice in the Westchester Region until their Primary Agency is notified by the Program Agency that the update has been completed. 

A paramedic credentialed in more than one Collaborative Protocol region only needs to update in one region.  If you update in a different region, provide your agency proof of completion and the agency will submit to the REMAC for verification.

2017 NYS Collaborative Protocols

Update Requirements: *
*If a paramedic does not have access to the internet, arrangements should be made with their Primary Agency to utilize a computer for this update.

Mandatory Update Materials:

Online Update Test:

An online test  has been developed  in cooperation with the Hudson Valley REMSCO.

Click here to access the online test

In order to receive credit for completion you must:

Update Materials:
The two podcasts above were developed by the Collaborative Protocol group to explain the reasoning behind some of the protocol changes. 
The following topics are discussed: