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Paramedic Credentialing

The Westchester REMAC credentials paramedics for a period of up to three years. Paramedics are only credentialed after passing a two-part examination to ensure comprehension of regional protocols and appropriate critical thinking. 

All paramedics are issued REMAC photo identification that indicate level of care, primary agency and special procedures authorized.

Please review the policies and forms related to credentialing on this page.


Primary Agency

All providers must choose one ALS agency to be their Primary Agency. This agency will be responsible for tracking the provider's continuing medical education (CME) and call audit (CA) hours required for re-certification.


The provider must submit a completed Credentialing Application with copies of his or her NYS certification card, NYS drivers license or other NYS ID card, and a signed Credentialing Support Form from the Primary Agency.

Info Updates

When you change your primary agency, address, contact information or name you must notify WREMSCO within 10 days using the ALS Provider Update form.

Renewing Credentials

Westchester REMAC credentialing expires upon expiration of a provider's NYS certification card.  Prior to expiration the provider should submit an Application For Credentialing Renewal with copies of his or her new NYS certification card and a signed Credentialing Renewal Support Form from the Primary Agency.

The number of CME and CA required to be completed for re-credentialing depends upon the date the provider entered the system and when his or her NYS certification card expires.  The standard forty-eight (48) CME and twenty-four (24) CA  is based on a full three (3) year or thirty-six (36) month cycle.  Credentialing periods less than that will be prorated accordingly:


Providers who do not have a "Primary Agency" at the time of their expiration will not be allowed to renew.