AEMT and Paramedic Credentialing



Credentialing Policy

All providers seeking credentialing in the Westchester Region should be familiar with the  REMAC Credentialing Policy .

Primary Agencies

All providers must choose one ALS agency to be their Primary Agency.  This agency will be responsible for tracking the provider's continuing medical education (CME) and call audit (CA) hours required for re-certification.

Applying for Credentialing

The provider must submit a completed Credentialing Application with copies of his or her NYS certification card, NYS drivers license or other NYS ID card, and a signed Credentialing Support Form from the Primary Agency.



Written and physician interactive (oral) exams are scheduled on an individual basis by the EMS Office. Providers must be sponsored by a "Primary" Westchester Regional ALS EMS agency to sit for a protocol exam.

Information Updates

A provider must notify the Regional EMS Office of the following changes:

  • If he or she changes Primary Agency (MUST be communicated within 10 days of change)

  • Changes to contact information (i.e. address, email, etc)

These changes must be communicated to the Regional EMS Office by submitting an ALS Provider Update Form with the appropriate section completed.



Westchester REMAC credentialing expires upon expiration of a provider's NYS certification card.  Prior to expiration the provider should submit an Application For Credentialing Renewal with copies of his or her new NYS certification card and a signed Credentialing Renewal Support Form from the Primary Agency.

NOTE: Providers who do not have a "Primary Agency" at the time of their expiration will not be allowed to renew.

The number of CME and CA required to be completed for recredentialing depends upon the date the provider entered the system and when his or her NYS certification card expires.  The standard forty-eight (48) CME and twenty-four (24) CA  is based on a full three (3) year or thirty-six (36) month cycle.  Credentialing periods less than that will be prorated accordingly:

NOTE: This chart is provided for informational purposes only. To obtain an individual provider's required number of CME or CA for recredentialing contact the Regional EMS Office.

Active Westchester Regional ALS Providers

The EMS service listed is the Primary Agency of record for that provider.  For any questions regarding any provider's current REMAC status, please contact the Regional EMS Office at (914) 231-1616.

Photo ID "MAC" Cards

A credentialing  ID card will not be issued until the completion of the credentialing process.

All Regionally Credentialed ALS Providers should wear their photo ID while on duty in the region. 

Replacement cards can be obtained during normal business hours by appointment.